CV/ Meritförteckning

2017- Market Researcher/ Sales Consultant, Fischer Group A/S
2017- Owner, Dette Form consulting

2016-2017- Senior Sales/ Architect Contact, Senab Interior AB

2010- 2015- Owner/ Agent/ Sales Consultant, Dette Form Agencies:

2014-2015- House of Finn Juhl/ Onecollection A/S 
2014-2015- Hanna Korvela Design Oy
2013-2015- Fjordfiesta AS
2011-2015- LK Hjelle AS
2010-2015- Fischer International A/S
2010-2015- Kurage A/S
2010-2012- Thoms & Nilsson AB
2010-2011- TMT Design AB

2007-2010- Sales Manager Scandinavia, Sandberg Wallpapers & Fabrics AB

2005-2010- Owner, Dette Form & Fastigheter

2001-2007- One workplace, different owners and brands through the years:
2005-2007- Sales Representative, Kvadrat Textiles AB (including Fanny Aronsen and Maharam)
2003-2005- Sales Representative, Sanden Textiles AB (including Svenska Tyger)
2001-2003- Sales Representative, Kinnasand Textiles AB

1999-2001- Sales Representative/ Press Contact, Sandberg Wallpaper AB